Lampwork Glass Artist Elaine Forbes (‘Wee-Lainy’) is small and Scottish and creates beautiful one of a kind wearable and functional art.
Originally from Buckie on the Moray coast of Scotland , Elaine began her working life as a Scientist. She studied Genetics at the University of Aberdeen and ultimately obtained a PhD and moved to the USA in 2006 to work as a Postdoctoral researcher in the University of Arizona. It was there that she discovered her passion (obsession) for lampworking.
By 2009 she was exhibiting in Best Bead Show in and at GlassCraft in Vegas. Her work has featured in The Flow magazine and Bead Unique and is available in galleries across the world from USA and Japan to her homeland of Scotland.
Now a full time lampworker – Elaine has swapped the laboratory bench for her flamework studio as she continues to experiment with flame chemistry, colour combinations and an almost infinite number of different techniques to bring out the incredible beauty of glass.
She currently spends her summers in Scotland and winters in Arizona.

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